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Within 1 week the complete process from Requirement sharing to onboarding is completed. Of Course, we need your support to achieve it.

Yes, we do maintain the agreed terms between client and Company till completion of the contract. We support working with all business ethics. Our developers understand the Intellectual property rights and are obliged to follow those.

We take 100% monthly advance payment for each contract on a per resource basis. For example, if you did a contract of 6 Months with a contract price of $2500 per month then we will take $2500 at the start of the contract and then the next $2500 after 30 days and so on for 6 months.

Our aim is to form long term bonds where both parties are happy. If the developer is not performing well you will have 2 options; firstly take a replacement, which we will provide within 1 week from issue raise. Or secondly, terminate the contract with no obligations. We are extremely client friendly.

We deduct the amount for which the developer has worked and we refund the completed remaining balance back to your account.

For example, if your monthly contract is for $2500 per month and the contract is terminated after 20 days of working then

2500/30 = $83.33 (daily cost).
83.33 *20 = 1666.66 (Cost for 20 days)
2500 – 1666.66 = $833.33 (refunded back to the client)
And all further payments for the contract are nullified.

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